We’re hiring a Full Stack Developer and a Data Science Engineer

Good news. After a good Q2 with 3 hospital contracts. We are happy to announce another 4 hospital contracts. Two Starter Packages and more striking: two department scale-ups. One for NICU and one for ICU due to Corona/Covid-19. 

When the work in the field doubles up. We double up on the backbone. Therefore we are hiring a Full Stack Developer and a Data Scientist EngineerHave look at the job postings page.

Cessation of Breathing study with Screen2Screen Academic

The Dutch national neonatal landscape is clear and well organized. Each center has it’s specialty research topic. And all specialties needed are divided among the different centers. Building on the Screen2Screen Family platform, the Technical University Eindhoven (TUE) mounted a research project on top of it with Screen2Screen Academic. The study, Cessation of Breathing (COB) develops and test a novel algorithm during a PhD project. The algorithm will be used in Alarm Management. 

First Q2 results

Early results are in since our start in March. 

We welcomed our first three hospital contracts. Our first three countries The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Japan. And we we secured an unexpected three PhD research projects. Innovate and serve people, clinical practice and science: all at once.

See below the first Dutch journalism coverage. 

Article in AD Journal (Dutch)


Soft launch of Neolook Solutions

Supporting Family ties and bonding for vulnerable children in intensive care.

How to do that in modern work/life balance? In the digital age? We soft launched new company Neolook Solutions and Screen2Screen Family to do just that. 

Screen2Screen offers video augmented services, made to fit special use cases in the NICU, neonatal and pediatric space. Screen2Screen makes it easy to configure and adjust video services. With a strong privacy-by-design fundament, and simplicity as the key to make it work for healthcare professionals in a complex environment. On top of it, Screen2Screen allows scalability, enables academic research, and integrates with existing infrastructure.   

Neolook Solutions was a corporate venture of Royal Philips in 2018 and 2019. It originated from Philips customer and market driven innovation. Screen2Screen technologies were applied straight from research labs into commercial long term strategic partnerships. After successful commercial implementation, the venture was created. Considering the best routing for the venture, it was decided to place the venture back outside Philips ‘in the market’ to better serve the highly specialized and small niche. 

Since march 2020, Neolook Solutions is live as an independent, privately held company.