World Premature Day 2022: Early Moves initiative

At this day, we are raising awareness of premature birth and the impact it can have on families.

Early Moves: Dutch implementation initiative for General Movement Assessment (GMA).

We are happy to announce the Early Moves initiative. Together with UMCG and NeoLifeS, Neolook develops a solution for remote General Movement Assessment or GMA. It consists of three parts:

  1. Remotely view a baby at home from the hospital in stead of planned hospital visits
  2. Safely stream and store recording data directly to the hospital to enable assessment by a team of clinicians, so clinicians can plan and schedule more effectively
  3. Enable the use of existing and new algorithms and AI to detect specific movement patterns, so the diagnosis is less time consuming

Annually, 80 to 120 premature babies are admitted to University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). Neonatologist and professor of Pediatrics Arend Bos, together with his colleagues started NeoLifeS in 2016 – a cohort with the purpose to identify problems and risk factors and to improve the care for prematures. NeoLifeS uses video analysis, to timely discover anomalies in premature babies, as they are more at risk of various issues with growth, movement and development – including spasticity.

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If you are a hospital, pediatrician or physiotherapist active in General Movement Assessment in newborns, please reach out to the team at Neolook.