Starter Package

Introduce your NICU or PICU to Neolook with our Starter Package

Starter package

We offer an introductory service for 3-6 months to get your hospital started. Consisting of 2-4 camera units ready to be paired with NICU beds, parents can immediately start watching live streams of their babies on their phones. Practitioners can also experiment with Academic or Professional features. Our staff will be there with you at every step along the way to guide the implementation of this new system in your hospital.

Seamless integration into your workflow

Video live streams mean you can keep an eye on patients without walking into the room or opening the incubator cover. Conveniently located displays allow you to monitor your patients even when you’re not at their bedside.

Our system is tailored to fit effortlessly into your workday, minimise work interruptions and allow you to focus on what’s important.

Tailored for you and your hospital

Our system is designed for busy healthcare professionals. We provide on-site training and support for staff when introducing and implementing this system. Systems can be customised for any individual hospital for academic or clinical purposes.

Transparent and fixed 6-month pricing

Our starter price and package present a low barrier to entry for hospitals to explore Neolook’s services before committing. Try before transitioning to a full deployment of all services we have to offer.

"No turnkey, please. Walk the floor with us. Start small. Step by step."


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To ensure a thorough understanding of the software, it would be ideal for the following people to be present: the healthcare team, IT department, and leadership team.

At the end of the Starter package, our team will have formulated with you a fully functional action plan with you to achieve your hospital’s short and long-term goals. The following stage is a service contract with this solution. Some hospitals may prefer to keep this a one-off individual project and continue management by themselves.

Yes, you can also start with different software packages such as S2S Academic or S2S Professional. If other services are required later, you can add them.

Yes, a review process is possible and available at any time.

You may request support from our team at any point during the package.