Starter package

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Starter package

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User purpose

Starter package represents a 6 months try-out video solution set up, as a new method for parents and nurses. It is family oriented towards parents and extended family for bonding, that rely on use cases to define and adapt processes for care givers and family’ needs. Screen2Screen is future-ready and able to anticipate a potential replacement of an outdated system, by reusing existing cameras, in order build a scalable solution for your practice.


It functions with needs-based implementation in order to fit into the work processes of the care providers and provides regular implementation or new department build.

Screen2Screen Family, Academic or Professional are available after the try-out and aim at finding a feasible, scalable and affordable solution, while having on point organization with cadence meeting and workstreams.

Approach and security

Versatile, integrated approach, leaded by professionals, it is designed for privacy and security, with privacy by design model. It works with legal and regulatory, IT and DPAI compliance, while providing proofs of training, privacy and legal matters.

Besides aligning with doctors, nurses and privacy requests, it offers collaborative open innovation with other Dutch hospitals.

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Session are programmed for 20 minutes at a time, but requested, multiple sessions can take place.


Yes, it is possible to configure it.

Screen2Screen has privacy by design. For Screen2Screen Family, this results in lack of login names and passwords, while no data is captured in the system.

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