S2S Professional

Transform your workflow with patient video live streams in the NICU 

S2S Professional

Improve workflow efficiency while giving optimal patient care with S2S Professional. We provide bedside video streaming services alongside real-time vital signs for comprehensive patient monitoring and swift clinical intervention. 

Seamless integration

Video live streams mean you can keep an eye on patients without walking into the room or opening the incubator cover. Conveniently located displays allow you to monitor your patients even when you’re not at their bedside.

Manage patients without barriers

Video data can be remotely shared in consultations with doctors on call or experts in other medical centres. Simple and effective information sharing leads to better patient handovers and improved gaps in care.

Simple and easy to use

Our system is designed for busy healthcare professionals. We provide on-site training and support for staff when introducing and implementing this system. Systems can be customized for any individual hospital.

"If I could have just seen that baby, I wouldn't have called for transportation to the hospital."



S2S Professional is a video service for clinicians in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). We provide bedside live streams of hospitalized infants and children. 

It does not have to be always on. Viewing hours are set by your hospital department, which are visible in the staff portal. Viewing hours can be extended on a per parent basis depending on individual circumstances. During viewing hours, parents can access the service and watch the live stream. You can see when the parents are using this service. Staff can choose to switch off the camera based on the situation, such as for privacy reasons.  

For privacy reasons, only the hands of the healthcare providers will be seen on video. 

S2S Professional is designed for the healthcare team, such as doctors and nurses. S2S Academic is designed for clinical researchers. They come with different features, but they can be used together. 

No, the video services can be provided for only certain beds only if desired. 

Yes, they work independently, side by side.

They are mounted over the baby’s bed to view the baby only. 

No. Videos are not stored or saved on our servers for security and privacy reasons.

We use end-to-end encryption and never store any of your personal data or video on our servers. Cameras can be turned off by software and with a physical switch at the bedside.