Roadmap Cycle

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Roadmap cycle

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What it does

This package serves for NICU and PICU and it is recommended twice per year, in order to make improvements in and out departments. How does the monitoring system impact NICU/PICU: we identify areas of change, select developments and innovation for further use and interconnect them, while underlining advantages and disadvantages in the areas of interest. This serves for the end user, the head of department or responsible manager.


Creating the road process requires placing together experts in a joined session and create the accelerator while contouring the customer journey, patient journey and clinical pathways. The procedure can be shared with other side hospitals, for learning purposes.

Translated into a year plan

The action end plan takes final form after taking into consideration benefits, risks, opportunities, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the outcome is on a higher level by creating an integrated approach and offering improvement advice step-by-step. The doable realization of the care model/ family integrated and complete yearly plan originated in the two following steps: interconnecting the issues and decision making for further use.

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We need three days: one day to prepare, one to process and one to execute.

Implications for accurate advice and well understanding of the issue comes from the department, leadership, doctor, nurses, IT department and innovation consultancy.

We facilitate the session.

Yes, a review process is possible and available at any time.

To complete the cycle, the roadmap session is recommended twice per year, as the first step is the accurate identification of the issues and interconnected them, and the following stage is decision making for further use.

Our recommendations come from a report and visuals.

It is possible to request support during the year.