Roadmap Cycle

Pave the road to a new care model with Neolook’s RoadMap Cycle plan

Roadmap cycle

Our RoadMap Cycle is an extensive package that can help you build a long-term care model, develop a brand-new hospital department, or innovate an existing healthcare system to address unmet needs. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts work together with your staff to create and implement a 6-month work-stream to achieve your goals and execute them flawlessly.

All aspects of care, covered

Our yearly package encompasses and addresses all aspects of your NICU care model to deliver a fully realised and comprehensive plan for your hospital. Begin building your new, innovative NICU with Neolook with confidence.

Combined experience from NICUs from all around the globe

Our team of specialists has experience working with NICUs and PICUs from all over the world. The different healthcare systems and populations we have worked with allow us to identify your company’s most urgent difficulties and investigate into the root causes.

Innovate your healthcare model

With our focus on the neonatal and paediatric fields, we are knowledgeable about the most recent innovations in the NICU or PICU. We can help you develop and implement innovative breakthroughs and technologies on a broad scale.

"We don't work with you like we do with other companies. With you it is like you're part of our team."


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When a department has multiple innovations and changes towards a new build and care model.

We need three days: one day for preparation, one for processing, and one for execution.
To ensure a thorough understanding of the software, it would be ideal for the following people to be present: the healthcare team, IT department, and leadership team.
The roadmap session is recommended twice a year, with one cycle per year as a minimum. Making decisions for further use comes after accurately identifying the problems and how they are connected in the initial stage.

Yes, a review process is possible and available at any time.

You may request support from our team at any point during the package.