Neolook One

One device to serve the key people around the child
Family, Academics, Practitioners.

Designed for Practitioners

The combination of design, positioning flexibility, quality, and affordability makes the Neolook One a valuable tool in the intensive care of children, enhancing care delivery and family involvement. 

With a flexible mounting solution, it can be easily positioned at the bedside, ensuring constant monitoring without intruding on the critical space needed for care.

Fits hospital infrastructure

The Neolook One offers substantial benefits for hospital infrastructure through its high-quality build and configurable industry grade services. It’s designed to seamlessly fit into existing IT blueprints, ensuring integration with hospital networks and systems. Its compatibility with other devices and software applications allows for a unified healthcare ecosystem, enhancing patient care through interconnected technologies.

Versatile for the future

The modular design allows for one to three sensors of choice. This versatility enhances healthcare delivery with a range of functionalities from simple one-way video for line of sight, to remote consultation, alarm management and automated event capture. The inclusion of a light module aids to augment and standardize medical imaging, while its capacity for vital sign and AI integrations allows for a holistic view of the patient’s condition.

"By far the best I have seen"



Neolook One is designed for intensive care use, providing critical monitoring and communication capabilities to support the care of sick children.

It offers simplified patient monitoring, enhanced decision-making support, and streamlined communication, making it easier for practitioners to deliver high-quality care.

Yes, it’s designed to fit seamlessly into existing IT blueprints and integrates well with other devices and software applications, enhancing data management and operational efficiency.

Its modular sensor design allows for customizable monitoring, including simple video to comprehensive video conferencing, alarm management, and clinical event capture.

It reduces operational costs, integrates with IT infrastructure, and supports continuous innovation, fitting well into the hospital’s ongoing care models.

The Neolook One is built with industry leading, high security, high performance, robust, and long lasting components from industry leading companies. 



It allows for real-time watching and easy communication with the care team, providing peace of mind through direct observation of their child.

It supports video and vital signs integration, enables clinical detection AIs, and facilitates comprehensive physiological measurements for better patient outcomes.

It’s built with a high-quality, robust design for long-term use and offers managed services for maintenance, ensuring affordability over its lifecycle.

Neolook is a medical device company, and hold it’s design standards to for medical grade use and medical device regulations.

NOTE: availability and applicability of the device and it’s software are dependent on national laws and or local  regulations. 

Yes, its modular design and compatibility with new sensor technologies and AI algorithms ensure it can evolve with changing clinical demands and advancements in healthcare technology.

The Neolook One is designed to bridge both low cost use cases, and to allow hospitals to build towards more advanced use cases over time.