Grow your NICU with our consultancy package


We provide a range of consulting and training services for hospitals and intensive care units. Our consulting experience is based on a thorough knowledge of every stakeholder, from physicians to patients. Our interdisciplinary team of experts integrate real-world experience, technological advancements and clinical insight to deliver solutions for you and your clients.

Build a new department

We work with both starting and established healthcare organizations to create, launch and scale innovative new departments. 

Merging of maternal and neonatal intensive care units

We identify innovative ways to combine critical care departments to provide better, more integrated health services.

Development of national healthcare infrastructure for large-scale services

Raising healthcare quality and equity in public healthcare systems to achieve better health outcomes for all.

"We have a KPI now for parent participation and a process for continuous improvement."


Our top consultants will assess your company and look for any opportunities or problems impeding further growth. We will offer you the different frameworks and approaches you need to succeed, offering assistance on everything from clinical research to business models.

We will provide several training sessions and give you business-specific methods in addition to providing you with the knowledge you need for growth.

We also provide a range of solutions that work with our video augmented services to best fulfil your academic or professional purposes.

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The healthcare sector is always becoming more complex due to rapidly changing market dynamics, regulatory pressures, and patient expectations. Our team offers multidisciplinary expertise that can deliver innovative, valuable solutions to achieve the healthcare business model you are looking for.

Yes, we can cooperate with existing partners.