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Industry expertise or consultancy work package was created for very specific topics and represents an upgrade for the Roadmap Cycle package, as it is more specific and more niche oriented. We use professional consultancy tools and skills, and the package comes with integrated privacy by design, at our clients’ request for expertise.

Case examples​

Being very niche orientated, on very specific cases, we combine the usage of AI and Algorithms, data science, innovation management and care concepts. We provide multiple business cases and healthcare reimbursements as proof for its efficiency and usability.


Our reliability, principled and ethical background come from real-world experiences and collaborations based consultancy and reaching out to experts in the field to use our network. We use clinical and digital trends and present certainty of our valid experience, by realizing innovation in the field.

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We are happy to have an exploratory meeting, followed by an intake session and agreement on a specific approach.