Job postings

Within Neolook Solutions there are several teams working all on different angles of the business, but with the same goal. To create video services for love, attention and clinical understanding in neonatal and pediatric intensive care. Curious what roles we currently have at Neolook Solutions or which positions we foresee in the future, check below. 

Management Team 

Managing Director 

Business Development Manager 

Innovation and Operations lead 


Business Team 

Business Development Manager 

Content Marketing Specialist 

Medical Copywriter 

UX/UI Designer

Technology Team 

Innovation and Operations Lead 

Solution Architect 

Full Stack Developers 

Data Scientist 

Upcoming job positions  

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We have job openings in preparation for:
  • General Manager fulltime
  • CTO Chief Technology Officer fulltime
  • CFO Chief Financial Officer fulltime 
  • Quality and Regulatory 
  • Product Manager 
  • Account Manager 
  • Consultant 
  • Designer 
  • Customer Support 


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