EarlyMoves Trajectory 2022-2025

Goals, background and updates


The world of neonatal care evolves rapidly. EarlyMoves trajectory, in collaboration with leading healthcare institutions, has ushered in a new era of neonatal research and care. This program aims to bring forth not just a change in processes, but a revolution that impacts every child’s life in intensive care.


  • Establish a standard procedure for capturing general movements and fidgety movements via remote video capture, ensuring children in intensive care and at home get timely interventions.

  • Empower researchers and innovators by ensuring that healthcare data is trustworthy, securely stored and remain under hospital governance, allowing its use for genuine research and improvement purposes.

  • Create an end-to-end clinical assessment chain for assessments inside the hospital, at remote hospitals and at home through a single platform

  • Build an automated detection system to support use on scale for hundreds to thousands of children per year

  • Build a comparative environment where both proven and experimental algorithms can run in parallel to drive continuous improvement


To harness the power of technology and innovation in redefining neonatal care, focusing on the well-being of the child, and providing better tools and resources to healthcare professionals.


A world where every child in intensive care has the best possible start in life, enabled by cutting-edge technology and a compassionate healthcare approach.


Collaboration – By joining forces with renowned institutions like UMC Groningen we ensure that we are pooling in vast amounts of expertise and resources.

Innovation – Through our augmented video technology, we’re ensuring that the healthcare data of these children is secure, transparent and usable by practitioners and automated analysis systems alike.

Stepwise development – By creating pragmatic tools that are useful and make a difference from the start for practitioners and parents. We start with sampling at home, then in the hospital and between hospitals. Automate assessments and implement a multi AI engine.



Prof Dr A. Bos (UMC Groningen)
M.J. D’Agata (Neolook)



Latest News

Background: EarlyMoves in One Project

Neolook Solutions launches EarlyMoves in One project, transforming neonatal care. This project enables the automated analysis of high-risk babies’ movements from hospital to home.

Early Moves trajectory 2022-2025

UMC Groningen made the first step in the summer of 2022. This was the signal for ecosystem partners to strengthen the initiative.  University Medical Center Groningen NeoLifes AI Hub North

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