COVID-19 / Corona outbreak

Extend Screen2Screen in emergent cases of COVID-19 or Corona outbreaks. From social distancing and virtual visits to quarantine and isolation rooms, to palliative and hospice care. We’ll build a Demonstrator on the fly, and do remote deployment.  

Screen2Screen COVID-19

4 Clinical and 3 Family use cases for Screen2Screen in COVID-19/Corona compromised hospitals


Hospitals in UK, Netherlands, Italy and Japan asked to extend screen2screen for COVID-19/corona compromised care.

We developed 4 clinical use cases and 3 family use cases. With NICU, PICU, children’s hospitals in mind. Also requested by adult hospitals with high and intensive care, palliative or hospice care. The cases are for pragmatic scale-ups of 50, 90 and 200 beds.

Initial asks

  • Have nurses talk with and see patients in quarantine. Prevents entering the room too often. Stay safer. Saves time and protective clothing too.
  • Needs to work for nurse day and night shifts. 
  • Embed in existing medical message system: think MICO, ASCOM, Philips CareEvent
  • If family can also contact the patient from home, all the better.
  • Have central oversight of camera’s from the nursing station. Such as digital opening hours, which camera’s are active, surveillance on live streams, stop stream by nurse if needed..
  • Share stream between professional and family at home. Talk with each other, while watching the patient.
  • Do virtual visiting by family. 

We developed these asks into 4 clinical and 3 family use cases. Please note your actual short term need may be simpler. Or slightly different. Our demonstrator is 100% functional for the cases mentioned below. If your case is slightly different we estimate to be at 80-90% with our current demonstrator functionality. 

Screen2Screen COVID-19 components

  • At the bed side a webcam, sound and a tablet
  • Outside the (isolation) room a fixed tablet at the door. Or a mobile device with S2S Nursing Station. The device can be a tablet or an existing medical messaging system.
  • At the central nursing desk a tablet with S2S Central Station for surveillance and central camera management
  • Family and friends use their own mobile phone, no app needed, just a modern browser
  • Neolook Solutions cloud services (global, EU or national security levels, seperate instances per hospital) 
This is a complete set-up. Your acute need may be simpler. 

4 Clinical use cases

3 Family use cases

Build the Demonstrator, remote deployment and scale-up

The next step is to build a Demonstrator. We build the Demonstrator to show and test-drive the exact use cases for your department. Then if needed, we start to replace components in the Demonstrator with your hardware upgrades of choice. If the upgraded build passes the tests, deployment starts. Screen2Screen is build to be easy to configure, to build and scale to 50-100 beds or more. 

Next steps

  • Request a 15 minute meeting to get started
  • Bring your case immediately to discuss fit for purpose a 45 minute session

We understand current pressures and decision making. And we are open to practical, effective solutions. Including the hospital bringing it’s own hardware and doing their own deployment.