Utilizing Technology for Improved Healthcare | Neolook

Place to be

Making an impact in neonatal care through programming work while continuing to study – Computing Science student Jasper Trooster does just that. At Neolook, he applies the knowledge he’s acquired at the University of Groningen (UG) to develop solutions that contribute to optimizing care for the tiniest patients. “I’m already working on real issues in the field.”

From Study Assignment to Part-Time Job 

“During the Software Engineering course, we were assigned a practical task for Neolook,” Jasper explains. “We worked for six months on video technology that allows parents to stay connected with their child from a distance.” When the assignment concluded, Jasper was invited by the company for an interview, leading to further collaboration. Now, he works one day a week for Neolook. “The work is a great practical outlet—a place where I can unleash my perfectionism and collaborate with people who share the same passion for this field as I do.”

Contribution to Neonatal Care 

“We identify concrete problems that require solutions and tackle them,” says Sandor Schrijner, Manager of Business Development at Neolook. One of those issues is the observation and analysis of babies who had a complex birth, a time-consuming and highly precise healthcare task. “Our Early Moves motion analysis not only contributes to the baby’s health through early detection, risk assessment, and intervention for developmental disorders, but it also alleviates pressure on healthcare workers and enhances parental involvement.” 

A Strong Ecosystem

Sandor adds, “With Neolook, our goal is to make our technology available for as many children as possible. Groningen remains the expertise center for Early Moves motion analysis. The system is already being applied in other places in the Netherlands – and hopefully internationally soon. These images are also sent to UMCG (University Medical Center Groningen), where expert doctors analyze them.”

According to Sandor, it’s logical that this happens on Campus Groningen. Professor Bos, the founder and initiator of the Early Moves project, is a professor of pediatrics and neonatologist at the UMCG. “One of the objectives was to strengthen the ecosystem – to connect with all the existing knowledge here: at the UMCG, the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem (ODE), at Pezy Group, the AI Hub North, and of course, at educational institutions and among students.” This approach ensures rapid knowledge development. Jasper also notices this: “The project I worked on during my bachelor’s is now being extended to the master’s program. The responsible professor asked me to pass on my expertise in this area to the master’s students, so they can build on our results.”

Neolook’s Early Moves project was recently voted the best Dutch IT project in healthcare by both a jury and the public. It won the Computable Awards, also known as the Dutch IT Oscars.