The Story of Neolook Solutions

How did we get here? 

Our journey starts in Philips, 2016-2017. We developed a novel solution for the Fatebenefratelli Hospital on the Tiberine island in the historic centre of Rome, Italy. At the time it was a relatively small project to renovate an entire neonatal intensive care unit. However, working to save premature babies got everybody motivated and excited to give the best.  

Born and bred in the hospital 

It started with a request from one of the neonatologists: as the hospital stepped up and took a more prominent role in the region, smaller neonatal intensive care departments closed down.  

But now parents came from long distances even outside Rome. Having the department open 24/7 wasn’t enough because parents couldn’t always come from far. So, the doctors asked if we could bridge the gap in some innovative way. We took the Screen2Screen technology out of Philips Research to apply it to this hospital problem. We started by interviewing parents to find out what they needed and when and how exactly they longed to see their child and felt they needed to connect. 

We learned to listen to the people on the floor as well as walk the floor ourselves and co-create together to make meaningful solutions.  

The opening of the Fatebenefratelli NICU made national TV news in Italy and was the subject of a two-page background story in the Dutch top tier1 newspaper NRC Handelsblad.  

From Philips venture to independent spin-out 

The entire project meshed well with Philips’ aims to become a health technology company, more specifically to become a solutions company. The project became a global Philips venture for two years in 2018 and 2019 before spinning out. Why did we spin out in the end? Philips maintained their focus even more on adults, while we had to find the best way forward for our venture focusing on children. With the help of great minds in Philips it made sense to serve the small NICUs and PICUs, not from Philips themselves, but rather from a dedicated, specialised company.  

What makes Neolook different 

Neolook Solutions is not just another spin-out of Royal Philips. We are an independent specialised Solution Partner specialising in the deep niche of neonatal and paediatric intensive care.  Our value proposition is made with the formal methods of Philips and that value proposition says: 

  • Team up and work together with practitioners in day-to-day practice.  
  • Serve the key people surrounding the child in NICUs and PICUs: family, researchers, nurses and physicians. 
  • Serve customers globally by working closely with local partners.  
  • Services extend across the continuum of care to post IC hospitals or at home in the pediatric space. 
  • Scalable and affordable in a service model that keeps innovating and stays current.

S2S Family

Supports bonding when parents and family cannot be with their child.

S2S Academic

For researchers and development of very specific algorithm and AI solutions.

S2S Professional

For physicians and nurses to have line of sight, alarm triggers and remote consultation.