2020 | We're on!
We use video augmented services in neonatal and pediatric intensive care. To support bonding and family ties. To enrich video for professional learning. And to advance clinical understanding with science, algorithms and AI. Our innovation services connect nodes of expertise from medical, science and innovation centers worldwide.
2021 | Early steps in the field
Screen2Screen Family now with digital benefit tracking. Screen2Screen Academic starts collaborative open innovation with hospitals on selected AI and Algorithms for NICU and PICU. Dutch healthcare payers support scale up. Finalist in UK national HealthTech Awards. Winner of European Bridgehead program.
2022 | Getting it right
First AI solutions commissioned: Baby cry detection AI for single room safety and Movement Analysis AI for high-risk infants at home. Screen2Screen Professional Line of Sight solution. Connected solutions with WeJournal, Neozorg app, IQ Messenger, Philips. Embracing the power of daily practice with 99NICU community. Member of the Dutch AI Coalition. Now headquartered at Utrecht Science Park.

Our Portfolio

S2S Family

Connect to your newborn child with Screen2Screen Family from wherever you are. For bonding and family ties without boundaries. For moms and dads, sibs and extended family and friends!

Safe. Secure. Simple. Privacy by design.

S2S Academic

For topclinical and academic hospitals who do scientific research. Our Screen2Screen Academic software layer opens a world of possibilities for the advancement of science and your research programs. 

Video capture. Dataleverage. New algorithms.

S2S Professional

Screen2Screen professional comes with integration capabilities on your existing medical devices and equipment. It allows for augmented services to improve clinical practices.  

Together with solid industry partners.

Work Packages

Starter Package

For new hospitals: start here. One package to test and try Screen2Screen in a live clinical setting. Based on your specific use cases for parents, nurses and phycisians, we configure a solution that folds in your practice. Not the other way around. 

Roadmap Cycle Package

For hospitals that develop and realize integral care concepts like Family Centered Care, Integrative Developmental Care, or who use NIDCAP or EU EFCNI criteria. We help you get there with short cyclic expert co-creates, innovation and realization. 

Consultancy Package

For advanced novel use cases. With the goal to make scalable applications for the neonatal an pediatric space. It requires multidisciplinary collaboration with hospital, scientific and SMB/industry partners. 

Neolook Solutions

NICUs are a highly specialized niche.

The services and products we develop are aimed at NICUs. They can extend across the continuum of care, or expand to adjacent patient groups in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care space. 

Neolook Solutions is an independent spin-out of Royal Philips. We position as a Solution Partner in the neonatal and pediatric business eco-system. And we serve customers globally by working closely with local partners.

We like to keep it small and beautiful. 

World Premature Day 2022: Early Moves initiative

At this day, we are raising awareness of premature birth and the impact it can have on families. Early Moves: Dutch implementation initiative for General Movement Assessment (GMA). We are happy to announce the Early Moves initiative. Together with UMCG

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De Innovatiefste Student van Nederland

We are proud to announce that we have reached the finals of “De Innovatiefste Student van Nederland”! Together with our colleague Livia Popper and Roel Montree we have developed Neolook Cry Detection, designed to detect neonatal crying in a hospital environment. From 5-9 september

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Neolook Solutions is expanding!

We are looking for an Office/Backoffice Manager to join our team in Utrecht. Are you interested in working for a meaningful company helping babies and children in #NICU and #PICU? Look at the job opening via this link! You can apply directly on

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